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    What can I do to stop all the potty talk?

    Hi all~

    Okay here's my issue. My boys will be 5 years old in May and recently they have been cracking each other up with inappropriate words and phrases. Each one thinks that other is absolutely hysterical which just encourages them to do it more.

    They are not saying any "bad" words or anything -- my husband and I don't use that kind of language in our home. However, they like to say things like poop, toot, pee, butt and those types of words when they are talking to each other. Let me give you an example, one might say to the other "You wear poopy nappies." then they erupt into laughter. It's not the words they are saying, it's HOW they are using them that gets me. I know it probably seems harmless and it's just boys being boys but yesterday they just wouldn't stop talking like that and it was just grating on me! I do not want them speaking to their friends at school this way (though I'm sure this is where they learned some of it).

    I'm afraid if I just ignore it, they will keep going with it and say things at very inappropriate times. However, I also don't like to constantly be on them about it. What should I do? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

    Overall, they are VERY good boys. They are polite, respectful and kind but this is driving me crazy


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    I want to say that this is normal early childhood behaviour and you should try not to take it too seriously. I do think if you just ignore it, they will eventually grow out of it. However, it is clearly bothering you. So, I would suggest that you sit down with them and discuss the importance of time and place. Maybe set some boundaries, "we do not talk about poop (or whatever it is) at the table, school, in the store, etc." Maybe that will help to reduce some of the incidents. However, if they are just playing around in their room and making the ocassional inappropriate joke, as long as the content remains relatively harmless, I would try to just let it go.

    Good luck Christie!

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    Hi Christie,

    Bathroom talk belongs... in the bathroom.

    You need to be firm in letting them know that this is not appropriate and you won't let them talk this way. If you notice that one has made a comment that isn't appropriate, then take that one to the bathroom (alone) and let him know that he can say those words in there, and when he's done, he may come out, but you won't allow him to say them outside of the bathroom (bathroom talk belongs in the bathroom).

    Be sure you separate your other boy before taking the "bathroom talk one" to the bathroom to do his talking - just so he doesn't say it behind a closed door, and your other son hears him and starts laughing.

    If they're both doing it, then two different bathrooms could be used, or one goes to his room for a time, until it's his turn to use his bathroom words in the bathroom.

    My guess is that this will get old very quickly - who wants to stay in the bathroom and use bathroom words by himself (without anyone to react)?!?!

    This is the first idea that comes to mind. Be firm, be consistent (every time you hear it for the next week or so, you'll need to do this) and my guess is that it won't take too many times of heading to the bathroom before you'll hear "I'm sorry, I won't do it again.".

    Hope this helps.

    Warm regards,


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    Kate ~ That's brilliant. I am definitely going to try that next time and I love how it gently reminds them that those words are for bathroom use only Oh and you are right seperating them is going to be key. Thanks and I'll let you know how it goes!

    Mom2Many ~ I do think you are right, their age has alot to do with why this is occuring now. Some of the other mums of boy their age I have talked to say thier boys do the same thing. Thanks for the luck, I may need it

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