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Thread: rotavirus? Amoebiasis?

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    rotavirus? Amoebiasis?


    My elder son had given the Rotavirus vaccine when he was 4 months old. But he got this amoebiasis with manifestation of diarrhea and some blood on his stool. For my understanding, amoebiasis is some kind of a gastrointestinal disease. Is Rotavirus vaccine not enough to defend amoeba to attack? Can anyone help me clear this?

    Because I don't want my younger son to have it too (the amoebiasis) but he also had the Rotavirus Vaccine. Please help.

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    I haven't been able to quickly find any information that tells me whether Rotavirus vaccine is effective against amoebiasis or not. I'm sure that a quick call to your doctor's office should answer that question, and if they don't have an answer that satisfies you, please post back.

    What I did learn is that Rotavirus vaccine is about 71.8% effective on all degrees of severity, from a very mild case to a severe case. I also learned that it's about 98% effective of keeping severe cases from occuring.

    If Rotavirus vaccine is supposed to help with Amoebiasis, then my guess is that it actually worked for your son, to some degree, in that your son didn't have a severe case of it. This is just an assumption, though. And I don't know how often the vaccine has to be given in order to stay effective.

    I know that Rotavirus and Amoebiasis are much more common in some countries than in others, so the vaccine may be needed, but be sure you do some research on vaccines in general, because you may find that there are some vaccines that your children don't need, and others that they do.

    You'll also want to be sure that you give your children vaccines at the right time so you have the best chance of your children not developing vaccine reactions.

    The National Vaccine Information Center has an excellent article on the Rotavirus Vaccine and I discuss this topic more in a thread called Rotavirus Vaccination.

    I hope you find this information helpful.

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    Thanks Kate for the info.

    At first, we thought it was just like some kind of a diarrhea but when blood comes out in his poop that was alarming for me so I called the doctor and she advised to take my son to the hospital. I got him there, had some check-ups and the lab tests. So while we were waiting for the result, I was thinking why this if my son had the Rotavirus Vaccine, this shouldn't be because of the vaccine. Until the results came out, they found out he had the amoebiasis.

    I will try to search more for this vaccine and amoebiasis, still intriguing for me.

    I know the vaccine would be given 3 times but depending on the brand or type the doctor would use.

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