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    What approach did you use when introducing solids?

    Many of the Mums here used the Baby-Led Weaning approach which I think sounds like a really great -- I had never heard of it when I started solids with my boys. I didn't use any particular method. I did read and follow some of the suggestions in the book Super Baby Food There are some wonderful recipies for babies and toddlers.

    If my boys didn't like a food, I would stop feeding it and move onto something I knew they did like, then a few days later I would re-introduce the food again. I would keep having them "try" it and more often than not they would come to like that food.

    What books, methods or advice were most helpful for you as you started feeding your baby? Did they work? Do you wish you had tried something else? Did you try one method with an older child and then switch to something else once you had other children?

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    I pretty much did baby led weaning from the start, though I knew that's what it was called with my first or read anything about it during early parenting. When my baby started to show an interest in my food, then I started feeding her. I would give her tiny bites of what I was eating and start providing her soft foods for independent eating. First foods around our home include avocados, bananas, and rice.

    For the most part my babies ate whatever we were eating. Clearly, some things like grapes and hard meats are a bad idea in young infants, so use your best judgement.

    This Baby Led Weaning website has some great advice for getting started.

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    This is a great question and the topic has had discussion in the Baby Lead Weaning thread.

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