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    Question Is Nearsightedness Reversible?

    My son frequently complains of headaches most especially when he comes home from school. I don't know the cause since there are a lot of factors that contribute to headaches. I had him checked to a doctor and there was nothing wrong with him. I was advised to bring him to an eye doctor. He was diagnosed to have blurred vision and nearsightedness. His eye grade was 100. The doctor recommended him to wear glasses for him to see clearly most especially when writing in school or reading books. Is there a possibility that his eyes be corrected with proper use of the glasses? I don't want him to be wearing it for a very long time until he grows old. Is this eye problem reversible?

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    Sight problems tend to get progressively worse, not better, UNLESS the person is willing to spend the rest of their life exercising the eye muscles.

    My 10 year old daughter was getting headaches while she worked on her school work, and when we had her eyes checked, she was farsighted. The doctor gave her a very low prescription and told her to wear her glasses when doing computer work, reading or writing (close-up work).

    The doctor also told her that she could do some eye exercises to strengthen the muscles in her eyes. She did this for about 3 days (had to be done multiple times during the day) and then she didn't want to do it anymore. Eye exercises have to be done continually, to strengthen the eye muscles, and I'd say it would be the rare child who would want to do this 3 times a day for the rest of their life.

    So my daughter just wears her glasses when she's doing her computer work or reading and she's happy.

    Here's a page that discusses eye exercises in case you want to learn more.

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    I am not sure if nearsightedness can be fully corrected. I tried to do some research on this topic and found conflicting results. Some people state that their eyes seemed to get better over time, but some of what I ready said it seems to get worse over time. From what I read, it seems like it is better if the child starts wearing glasses as soon as a problem is noticed, which may help prevent the child's eyesight from getting worse. I am not advising you to follow the treatment steps listed on these websites, as you should consult with your child's doctor, but both of these sites may offer more information about prevention and treatment. Myopia Prevention and International Myopia Prevention Association

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    Thank you Kate.

    Wearing eye glasses is something new for my son. So I made sure that I get him a pair that would really make him look good and make him feel comfortable wearing it.. He even chose his own design of frame. I am glad that he enjoys wearing it without getting bothered.

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    Thanks for the links Jessica! It would be a great help. Though I also did some research and what I have read were confusing since most of it are conflicting, just like what you have said.

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