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    Summer is nearly approaching and my son wants to have swimming lessons. I enrolled him in one of the swimming schools. The coach asked me if I wanted to include my 4-month old baby in the class. Though I have seen videos of babies being thrown in the pool, I've been thinking, is it okay if I let her experience swimming at a very early age?

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    I'd do a mommy and me class with her or see if the instructor will allow you to get in the pool during your son's class. Chlorine on the skin can be a concern because the skin is the largest organ in the body and aborbs both nutritents and contaminants from whatever it comes in contact with.

    I'm not sure I'd put my 4 month old in chlorinated water until she's older. I think I'd just introduce her to water in the bath, and when she's old enough to blow bubbles (which will be awhile, as you know) then consider introducing her to a larger body of water like a lake or a pool... and I'd still do a Mommy and Me class first.

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    Ok. Thanks Kate.

    If ever she comes in contact with chlorinated water, does it have effects on her skin? Such as rash?

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    Anytime chemicals come in contact with the skin it can cause rash. I'd say it's not common in young children, but always good to keep in mind and keep an eye on the skin to see if it becomes dry or has a reaction to the chlorine.

    Also really good to rinse the skin with warm water as soon as the child leaves the pool (like giving her a shower with you). My babies loved it when I would hold them and give them a shower with me.

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    Now that explains the rash on my baby's legs. I didn't let her swim but she had contact with my sunblock applied on my legs.

    Thanks Kate!

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    Sunblock is potent, and I'd agree that the rash on her legs was most likely caused by being in contact with your sunblock. Glad you figured it out :-)


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