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Thread: Yoga during pregnancy

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    Yoga during pregnancy

    I am an avid extreme Yoga teacher and of course it is my preferred activity. I have heard mixed words. Some say while pregnant Yoga is not advised. I am very curious what the opinions of others are.

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    Hi anthonysmum,

    I'm not familiar with extreme Yoga, however I do know that yoga can be very helpful when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. You'll want to be sure you're doing poses that encourage fertility and support pregnancy, though.

    Jane did a review of The Yoga Synergy Prenatal DVD which is great to use during pregnancy, and Jane also has a list of yoga teachers for those who are in Australia.

    Yoga is encouraged during the preconception and prenatal months because it promotes relaxation and brings oxygen to the reproductive organs. You just want to be sure you're doing the right poses at the right pace.

    Hope this helps.

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    Great. Thank you for your response. Extreme yoga ties muscle building and strengthening techniques, some refer to it as power Yoga and Fit Yoga.

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    Yoga is actually an exercise my midwife recommended to me this week. She said it can help with avoiding back pain during pregnancy and can even make birth shorter and easier. Definitely worth doing if that's the case! There is a special class in my area for yoga during pregnancy - my midwife recommended I joined this during the second trimester.

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    When I first became pregnant my doctor recommended that I do prenatal yoga as well. I was told that it helps keep you flexible and makes the birthing process easier (just like LJ mentioned). He did stress that I only do yoga that was specifically designed for pregnant women.

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    As the others have stated, yoga is considered safe for most pregnant women and is often recommended. I perform yoga during pregnancy, even well into the third trimester. While, there are some asanas that are not ideal for pregnancy, but most can be modified. For example, it is not recommended that pregnant women perform asanas that would require them to lay flat on their back for long periods of time, but most of these can be modified by having them lie on their side instead. The use of blocks can also help to make hard to obtain asanas easier for the pregnant body.


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