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Thread: Breastfeeding Disapointment

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    Breastfeeding Disapointment

    Hello everyone. It has been a few months since I stopped breastfeeding, but I've often wondered if anyone else had the same issue or if it was a common thing that happens.

    I breastfed my daughter form birth until about 3 months. She took to it right away without any difficulty, and for about the first 2 1/2 months, I was so full, and my let down was so heavy that I could only feed my daughter for a few minutes at a time and had to ensure that she was in an almost sitting position otherwise she would begin to choke from the heavy flow. Then, all of a sudden around 3 months, there was next to no milk for her and she would litterally scream for hours because she was starving. She would work herself up so much that I wouldn't be able to get her to latch on to my breast, or even take a bottle. she was fine in the mornings, due to milk buildup over night, but come late afternoon the screaming fits would begin. After a few weeks of this, I agve up and put her on formula. she's been fine ever since. I'm disapointed that I only had the chance to breastfeed for 3 months, but happy that I was able to for a little while anyway. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or if it's a common thing with breastfeeding mums.


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    It is actually common for your milk supply to regulate around 12 weeks. Women will usually feel less full and it is common for women to think they they have lost their milk supply. It does make me wonder if there was another reason why she was becoming so upset, as it may not have been due to your milk supply. My youngest had reflux, which would cause him to become quite upset and cry. Some babies also go through periods like that during the day when they cry and seem very irritable or fussy. At times, babies go through growth spurts when they seem to need more milk and want to breastfeed often.

    Were there any other changes during that time that could have impacted your supply, such as your baby sleeping through the night or the return of your menstrual cycle?

    I do think you should be proud that you breastfed for three months. With more information and help, you may have been able to breastfeed longer, so I wouldn't worry about it happening again with future children, if you do decide to have more. There are numerous reasons why your supply may have dropped or why your little one may have been having fussy periods during the day, but you should not feel guilty. I definitely understand feeling sad that you were unable to breastfeed longer, but you made the choice that was right for you (and your baby) at the time. I only breastfed one of my children for a few months, but there were problems that occurred with me and I had to start supplementing, which resulted in nipple confusion. I made the choice to switch to formula and I am sad that I did not breastfeed for longer, but I did learn from that experience and I had to make a choice that would be best for my baby (and myself) at the time.

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    I agree with everything Jessica has said. It is very common for milk supply to drop in the late afternoon/evening, and that happens to be the time of day that most babies are fussy.

    There's a good thread in the forum which discusses how to increase milk supply. If you'd like to read it you'll probably learn some things that will benefit you with your next baby. I had a difficult time breastfeeding with my first baby, but after we got through it, I had no problem at all with all of the others.

    And I had the same thing you did... a very forceful let-down. Baby would start choking on the milk, pull off, and then everything would get wet. I had to hold a cloth nappy or burp cloth nearby so I could cover up when she pulled off, to keep my milk from going everywhere.

    I hope you have another little one and a very successful breastfeeding experience.

    Warm regards,


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