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Thread: Missing Vaccinations

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    Missing Vaccinations

    Hello everyone. I certainly hope that I will be able to get some advice regarding my situation with my daughter's vaccinations.

    My daughter will be 10 months old at the end of the month and we missed both her 4 and 6 month shots. I was not made aware that she required one at 6 months (I thought that it was at 1 year) and she was teething at the time of the 4 month shot and we were both cranky and tired at that point and so I therefore decided we would hold off a bit, especially since her first shots at 2 months affected her for 2 weeks. Now i'm wondering, since we are 2 sets behind, and she will be due for another set at 1 year, would she receive all at once (I certainly hope not) or would they be spread out? Thank you for your responses

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    I would think they would spread them out and in fact I would suggest that especially if she has had reactions to them in the past.

    I know that I have waited on certain vaccines because of illness or whatever and then gone in at a later date to have them done. I would contact the paeditrician and talk about your scheduling options.

    I also give my boys a dose of Ibuprofin about a 1/2 hour before the appointment to help with any discomfort or soreness.

    All the best!


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    Thanks Christie. I will certainly speak to our pediatrician about it. After her reaction to the first set, I'm arguing with myself about whether to get them at all or not. She was given ibuprofen, but it was less than 10 minutes before she received the vaccine so it wouldn't have even had time to kick in, although I'm sure that it did aid her in the nap that she had during the drive back home.

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    We've been discussing vaccines in depth in some other threads on the forum. Please read through these as I believe you'll find some really good information to help you make your decision about whether to continue with the vaccinations or not. Personally, we haven't done any routine vaccinations. We made a choice to give two of our children one vaccine, and one child another vaccines, but three of our children haven't had any vaccines at all. For us, the risks of serious vaccine reaction outweighed the benefits.

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    Yes I too think it's important to fully research each vaccine offered to your child: you need to weigh up the risks of side-effects from the vaccine against the risks (and likelihood) of your child being infected with the disease in question.

    Many parents also choose to have vaccines given to their children as single vaccines. So many are combined these days (e.g. MMR) in addition to more than one vaccine being offered at once.

    I hope this helps you to make your decision. Remember, it is your choice and you can take your time in making the decision.

    Best wishes,


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