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    Ethyl or Isopropyl?

    Hello there!

    Does anyone here use alcohol as disinfectant? I do especially for my kids when there is no water and soap to use.

    But my husband and I argue alot on what kind of alcohol to use, Ethyl or Isopropyl. I prefer Isopropyl because it smells good and doesn't have that nasty taste (Ethyl does have it) when it dried in your hands. My husband likes the Ethyl for his own reason.

    Can anyone help me here on what to use?


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    I'd encourage you to use alcohol on your children's skin only very sparingly as it can dry the skin out and it can also set them up for a super bug or antibiotic resistant organism.

    If you do use it, be sure to moisturize the skin right after using the alcohol.

    The smell of alcohol can add toxins to the system, so I'd encourage you to use it in a well ventilated area so that the children don't have to smell the fumes.

    I'd encourage you to wash with soap and water or even with plain water if soap is not available rather than using alcohol as this will be much better for the skin and for your children's overall health.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Kate. You're right, I noticed alcohol dries up skin with excessive use.
    Thanks for the info.

    I have seen alcohol with moisturizer in it, is this alright to use? Just in case, no water is available.

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    If you're going to use a product with alcohol, then one that includes moisturizer would always offer more protection to the skin than something that doesn't.

    I use a hand sanitizer on our children's hands when they get in the car, after a shopping trip, simply because I want to limit the exposure of germs. In our home, if one person gets sick, it usually runs through the entire family of 7.

    Often times, when I had younger children, if we were going to go out to eat, I would take a fresh wash cloth and dampen it with water before we left the house (just put it in a plastic bag). This way, I could easily wipe down their hands and face after eating.

    I'd encourage you to take a damp wash cloth with you, every time you leave the house, and try to use that to clean them instead of alcohol.

    Can you give me an example of when you may need to use alcohol on their skin - a time when soap and/or water may not be available?

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Kate.

    That is a very nice tip, taking a damp washcloth every time we leave the house. I got used to using alcohol to clean the hands of my kids and ours.

    We usually go for a long drive and water is not that available all the time that is why alcohol is the option.

    I will change the habit now and start using damp cloth instead. Thanks for that advice. I really appreciate it.

    Sometimes, it is really helpful to have forums like this so we can share thoughts.

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    And another thing I do is I take a bottle of water in the car if I know we're going to be away for some time. I always seem to have a towel or dry washcloth in the car, so if I need, I can just open the water bottle, wet a little part of the towel, and clean up when needed. Works great!

    So glad to hear you're going to try to use the alcohol less. It really can cause more problems than it helps


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    Thank you Kate for the suggestions you gave.

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