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Thread: Are there any benefits to taking folic acid supplements beyond the first trimester?

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    Are there any benefits to taking folic acid supplements beyond the first trimester?


    I am now 13 weeks pregnant (yipee!) and I have taken folic acid supplements for 4 months prior to conceiving and then throughout this first trimester. Is it now ok if I stop taking the folic acid tablets? I do suffer with morning sickness and I find taking the supplements makes it worse. I know it is generally advised to take the folic acid tablets in the first trimester but I was wondering if there would be any additional benefits gained through taking it in the second and third trimesters? I do eat a lot of cereal anyway which has folic acid in it.

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    From what I understand the vitamins are really just a substitute for what is lacking in one's everyday diet. If you are eating enough dark green veggies and other foods that are high in folic acid, then the vitamins are not really necessary. Furthermore, it is better to get your vitamins and minerals from a whole-food source rather than an artificial one.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!

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    Thanks mom2many - helpful advice, as always! LJ

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    Yes - excellent advice, mom2many. If you like your green smoothie, that would offer some of that folic acid you need. I had the hardest time with supplements during my first pregnancy, and so I didn't take any during that pregnancy or the others (I suppose I was scared that they would make me throw up). I also ended up with a baby who had a congenital heart defect - and now that I know better, I would pay more attention to diet and supplements to give my children the best possible chance of being healthy.

    Actually, now that I think about it, my doctor prescribed 5mg (yes, it's a lot) of folic acid before I got pregnant with baby #4 (after baby #3 with heart defect was born) and then when I conceived, he dropped that to 1mg during the pregnancy. Folic Acid alone didn't bother me - was easy for me to take, but I couldn't take a multi.

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