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Thread: Medicine injected on her

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    Medicine injected on her

    Hi there!

    My husband's sister-in-law is 8 months pregnant and she told me she was injected with some medicine to help her baby to hold on. My concern is, is it safe for the baby?


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    Do you know any information about what the medicine was? Also, how many weeks pregnant is your husband's sister-in-law?


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    I did not ask about the name of the medicine. She just told me she was injected with medicine to help the baby to hold on. She is 8 months pregnant, next week is her start of weekly OB visit. She said that her placenta was wide open that is why she was injected. She was in bedrest for some time now.

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    Not knowing more details makes it hard to answer your question, but I'd say that if the doctor feels she needs medication to help the baby stay in the womb longer, that he has probably weighed the risks of the medication against the risks of delivering pre-term.

    Many women receive medication to help keep contractions from getting stronger and to help give the baby every chance of staying in the womb until mom is 37 weeks along. It sounds like your sister is almost there. Post back and let us know how she's doing and when the baby comes.

    Warm regards,


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    Yes that would be hard not knowing what medication was injected to your husband's sister-in-law. Regarding this situation, I remember myself way back when I was still pregnant at 8months. I had preterm labor also and they gave me tocolytics to halt my contractions. During that time my baby's lungs weren't ready yet, the earliest time that the lungs should be functioning is at 34 weeks. So aside from tocolytics, they gave me prednisone. It is a steroid which helps the baby's lung mature, so that if ever baby would really come out, at least his lungs are functioning. It was injected in my arm, in two separate doses. The other dose was injected to me 24 hours after.

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    Hi there! We visited her last weekend, she was doing okay. I asked what medication it was Duvadilan. Don't really have more info about the med. Well anyways, She is on her last semester. We are excited about it!
    I will keep you updated.

    Thank you all.

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    Hello everybody.

    She gave birth last April 23. It was so nice to have an addition to our family. And it is a girl.

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