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    Mums and Bubs Excercise Classes

    I have been recommended an exercise class by another new mum. Here is a link to the site:
    classes are only $18 (when purchase 10 at a time). I've just booked in to start next week so I'll let you know how it goes. Classes are outdoors and if bubs are unsettled the instructor can show you ways of doing the exercise whilst settling bub.

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    Peta that sounds like a great class - I'd love to hear how you find it. Getting fit after having a baby offers challenges. It is great that they incorporate taking your baby along.
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    Smile I found these exercise classes excellent

    Julie Cunningham provides great motivation, technique supervision and alternatives for individual's needs. The entire class can be done baby-wearing and there is a good mix of fitness and strengthening exercises and from my experience there seems to be a pilates base. Classes are run outdoors whenever possible which keeps things interesting for bubs. I started when Caitlin was 4 months old and other mums have babes ranging in ages from 2 months to 2 years.

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    I love the idea of a mum/bub exercise class! I wish they offered more of them around where I live. It is such a great idea. I know that there are some videos out there that show you tips for incorporating exercise with baby at home. One example would be: The Perfect Postnatal Workout.

    Here are some other tips for Exercising with your Baby!

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    My wife is now on her first time pregnancy on her 18 weeks, she is now feeling heavy on her tummy but she is just 35 kilos and 26 years of age. I wanted to know if she is now allowed to have exercise? Like walking or other exercise? And if she is allowed and if it is now needed, how often or how long she needs to do it and what type of exercise are allowed ?


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    Hi Shao,

    35 kg is an extremely low weight for any woman which will make her BMI much below average. Because of your wife's low weight I would ask her to check with her doctor before exercising, particularly as I see (from your other post) your doctor has advised your wife to eat frequently in order to put on weight.

    The usual pregnancy advice is to continue with the same level of exercise you were undertaking before pregnancy (with the exception of contact sports etc which would harm the baby). Pregnant women should still be able to talk through the exercise (rather than being extremely out of breath). But as your wife's weight is so low I would check with her healthcare provider what they recommend in this case.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello Shao,

    You have received some excellent advice from LJ.

    It is, however, important that your wife be getting some form of exercise, just not rigorous exercise like you might get from an exercise class.

    The exercise I'm referring to is things like walking every day and stretching.

    When I was expecting my first child, I walked a lot at work. I was constantly walking up flights of stairs to deliver messages to the teachers or handling staffing needs. I didn't need any extra exercise.

    If your wife sits a lot during the day then she will want to be sure that she's getting out twice a day for a 15 minute walk. If she get winded, then she needs to slow down. This can be a relaxing romantic walk, the two of you together, or it can be a faster pace walk. Whatever feels comfortable for her. The goal is to get the muscles working which will move fresh oxygen throughout her body and into the baby.

    Stretching is really helpful as well, as her body will be doing a lot of stretching over the next few months. Just gentle stretches each day. Here's a little video to give you some ideas on how to stretch during pregnancy.

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    Thanks for posting this video Kate - it's certainly easier to see how best to stretch in pregnancy rather than just have it described!

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    You're most welcome

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    Hi Peta,
    Your link didn't worked for me as I got 404 error while trying to check your shared link. I know things like this happens on entire web so I will be kind if you will check, fix and share the link again. Any reply will be of great help for those mums who are looking for exercise classes for themselves and for their bubs.

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