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    Health Benefits of Eating Placenta?

    So I just got done reading an article; January Jones (from the American TV Show Mad Men) Eats Own Placenta: Healthy or Ick?

    I wouldn't judge anyone's choices and if there were really great health benefits who's to say I wouldn't do the same but the thought of eating placenta in spaghetti or on a pizza (according to the article there are recipes for these items and more) is not at all appealing to me. However, it seems as though most women who do "eat" their placenta do so in pill form -- and this I could do.

    There are not any real health benefits noted. Has anyone done more research on the topic or done this themselves? Jones says that she takes one of the pills when she is feeling sad and it helps her.

    I am really very interested in hearing everyone else's take on this or other information.


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    This is an interesting article - but it's not something I could do. I did ask to have a good look at the placenta after my son was born and I found it pretty gross! I had heard of women eating them before but not in a pill form. I guess it must be full of nutrients - but, for me, I am happy getting my nutrients elsewhere .

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    Haha! I agree with getting nutrients elsewhere. It would have to have some pretty magnificent health benefits before I would consider

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    There is an article on PBBs website that is called "Placenta Pleasantries and Possibilities – What To Do With Your Placenta" and covers all sorts of things you can do with the placenta.
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    That was an interesting article. I didn't do anything with my placenta, I honestly didn't even look at it but I do like the last idea that is mentioned which is burying it and planting a tree or something else on top. This would be a lovely symbol and perpetual reminder of it's ability to nourish and connect mum and babe.

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    My husband's family traditionally take the placenta and bury it under a tree. His own placenta is buried outside of the home where he was born. We encapsulated our last placenta and I took a few pills a day. The average yield is a little over a hundred pills. I am going to be getting certified soon to encapsulate placentas for other women.

    I find that the encapsulated placenta pills helped me immensely. This is the first time we have encapsulated and the only birth where I did not experience severe postpartum depression following the birth. I have also had a plentiful milk supply and I am still nursing at 14 months, far longer than I nursed my younger children. I cannot say enough good things about the benefit of placenta pills.

    I have not tried placenta in its raw form but I have had doula clients who place it in smoothies, as well as some who serve it as part of the first postpartum meal. I guess I have been around them so much that I have kind of lost the ick factor.

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    That is very interesting! It did mention in the article that it can help with postpartum depression. It's also wonderful if it helps increase milk supply.

    It's so nice to hear from someone who has done this and found it to be very beneficial. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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