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    39 weeks +3 days having lots of pain and no help

    I'm due on Saturday which is the 31st march. For the last wk Iv been in and out of hospital having contractions stopping and starting after hours of contractions every day I'm exhausted. Iv been losing my plug all wk the last time was Sunday. I'm now having contractions again. This is my third so I know what they feel like. ATM my belly goes very tight and I have excruciating pain in the bottom of my belly and my back. It's really bad and getting worse! But i have im having eru sharp pains in my vagina. The last few wks i cant walk my vagina feels like someone hit me with a bat. I haven't been timing them today but every other time I get my hopes up and time them tey get to 2 mins apart and 50 secs-1 min apart then stop. I have been walking a few Kms every day, having sex, drinking tea, baths, everything that I can do to keep them going and nothing helps. My ob has now gone away till next wk when I'll be 5 days over. I'm 2 cm as of last Monday.

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    My question is I'm going see a different ob Moro and I want to be induced coz this is getting ridiculous. Will they do it?? I can't function like this.

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    Hi Mummabear88,

    I know this is a late response, but I only just now saw your question.

    Please post back what the doctor said and how you are doing.

    It sounds like you may be having prodromal labor. I know you mentioned that you're doing everything you can think of to keep things going but here's a page that discusses how to start labour naturally, so I hoping you will find something new to try.

    There's another page on that site that discusses the different signs of labour. You may already know all of this, but it's worth a read in case there's something new you haven't heard of before.

    Let us know how things are coming along. I had painful prodromal labour with my 3rd child, AND he was posterier which mean I had back labour too. However, once I did go into real labour, he came very quickly (all that prodromal labour paid off).

    Warm regards,


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    Dear Mummabear88,

    I'm wondering if things may have got going more now for you and maybe you are in active labour or have had your baby already? Either way, we are thinking of you. I hope you experience what Kate commented on and when you are in active labour things progress quickly.

    Thinking of you. Please let us know how you are (when you can!) and if we can help further in any way,


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