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Thread: Sleep fighting?

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    Sleep fighting?

    Hello there!

    Last night was one of the nights my 2-year-old son slept so late. When you look at him, it was obvious that he's so sleepy and just sleep fighting.

    Can anyone here advise me how to keep my son from sleep fighting? Anything I should do to make him sleep when he is sleepy?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Do you have a bedtime routine? Once we were no longer co-sleeping, we started to try to put more of an effort into creating a bedtime routine, which did seem to help my children. For instance, you could play a game, put on pajamas, brush teeth, read a story or two, sing a song, give hugs, then lay down and turn the lights off. This article gives some tips for making bedtime fun. We like to play a game, but then I need to do quieter activities, such as reading, because my oldest child will get too excited and won't be able to fall asleep. I have heard good things about lavender, so you may want to try using something scented with lavender placed in his room to help him fall asleep. MY oldest child liked to have his head or back rubbed for a few minutes when he was that age, to help him fall asleep.

    I would just try to make things more calm and relaxing for him. Dim the lights, play soft music, talk quietly, read a few books--anything to help encourage him to go to sleep.

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    hi there!
    Thanks Jessica for some info how you make your kids go to sleep with your routines.
    Now, my husband and I made some routines, he plays with them for a while and when my oldest son gets his pj and put it on by himself, gets his bottle and lay down besides his dad then we would just see him asleep.
    And actually, he did this by himself and we just made it to a point we do it every night so we just get used to it. Gladly, he does it now routinely.

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    Sounds like you've started a good routine and it's working!

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    Yes. Thankfully, it is working.

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