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    Question Mosquito Repellants

    We all know that certain types of mosquitoes bring illnesses such as Malaria and Dengue Fever. In a tropical area, mosquitoes are abundant most especially on summer and rainy season. To prevent acquiring such diseases, there are available mosquito repellants sold in the market. It is in a form of a body lotion and spray. We use it in our household but I am not sure if it is safe to use on infants. This repellant contains chemicals which may be harmful for the skin of the baby. Aside from using mosquito nets, are there any available products which is safe to use for babies?

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    There are actually mosquito repellants that are natural and made for use on children.

    We use the California Baby Bug Spray on our children, but I've never used it on a child under the age of 3 simply because we didn't know about it until then, and we don't have a mosquito problem where we live.

    Search for "natural baby bug spray" or "natural baby mosquito repellant" or any combination of those words, and see what you come up with. We really like the California Baby Bug Spray and have used it often on our children.

    Citronella is a good natural mosquito repellant. It's a potent oil and you wouldn't want to put it straight on the skin, but that's the main, active ingredient in the California Baby Spray. There are also citronella candles that you can burn in the area where you are, to help keep mosquitos away.

    There are also electronic devices which put out a very high pitch (undetectible to the human ear) that can keep mosquitos away. I have one that is pocket-sized and I just keep it in the pocket of my jacket. I often forget to turn it on, though. Just not out in a mosquito area very often, but I know that there are definitely some areas that have a lot of mosquitos and mosquito transmitted diseases, so you will want to be very careful.


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    Hi charibelle_925,

    When we visited Thailand with our baby (then 8 months old) we were told by our doctor he could have mosquito repellent which contained deet as long as it was less than 25% deet content. We preferred the lotion to the spray as the spray could get in his eyes.

    It depends on the specific area you live in/ are travelling to. We have sometimes used baby mosquito lotions containing citronella (we liked one made by Johnson) although these didn't seem to be as effective against the mosquitos. However, that said we didn't visit parts of Thailand with malaria - just non-malarial carrying mosquitoes.

    We were also advised to cover up our baby as much as possible (he wore long-sleeved cotton shirts and trousers and a hat whenever outside) and to avoid rivers in the evening time where mosquitoes are more common.

    Best wishes,


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    Dengue Fever Control

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