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    Question Confused and Worried!

    My husband just got home from a 10 1/2 month deployment on the 7th. Before last Wednesday, I hadn't had a period for literally 11 months. I started bleeding on Wednesday morning... slight brown in color... the rest of the day and the following two days, I bled very little all day. Late Friday night, I stopped bleeding completely and Saturday morning I started to slightly bleed...but only for a little bit... then not at all again... My husband and I did have sex on Friday night, but I'm not so sure that has anything to do with anything now. Today, I wasn't bleeding at all then all of a sudden around 9, I started bleeding slightly. I did have bad cramping on Thursday night. I also got the DEPO LUPRON shot last June as a way in treating my endometriosis. I'm just confused as to whether I could possibly be pregnant, or if there might be something seriously wrong. I'm not sure how early pregnancy symptoms show, but I can tell you the past two days, I've been the most emotional person in the WORLD, and my breasts are a bit tender...and I've also been very gassy... I'm not sure if it's just period symptoms or I'm just driving myself insane on purpose! Please help!

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    Hi aknapp28,

    When you say you started bleeding (brown blood) on Wednesday morning, can you give the calendar date for this? And also please give the calendar dates for the day you had sex.

    Not knowing where you were in your cycle when you had sex, my first guess would be that your hormones are just out of balance which often can cause symptoms very similar to pregnancy (emotional, sore breasts, gas, etc.).

    Warm regards,


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