Ectopic pregnancy happens when implantation occurred outside the uterus. The usual site is the fallopian tube, however, it may also occur in the ovary, cervix and abdominal cavity. There are a lot of factors that increases a woman's risk for ectopic pregnancy. Some are: prior history of an ectopic pregnancy, disruption of the normal structure of the fallopian tube (which could be a risk for tubal or ectopic pregnancy), infection, & etc.

The classical signs & symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are:

- abdominal pain
- amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods)
- vaginal bleeding or spotting (intermittent bleeding)

This condition is life threatening. And some affected with this may find it hard to accept. Full support must be given esp emotional support. Once you suspect that you might be experiencing ectopic pregnancy, never hesitate to approach your healthcare provider.

Has any one of you experienced this? If yes, please share and enlighten us.