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    Heartbeat irregularity for 2-year old boy?

    My son was diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia. The explanation the doctor gave was his heart was
    compensating with his activity and we should have nothing to worry about. He is 2 years old and plays a lot.

    My husband was once told by the doctor that he has tachycardia but he took a medication that help to normalize his heartbeat. His heartbeat is okay now but some times he gets exhausted and he feels his heartbeat is racing.

    My son did not have any medication. And also, we have history of asthma (my father's side), does sinus tachycardia somehow related to asthma? Is it hereditary? or what?

    Inputs please. Thanks!

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    Hi proudmumof2boys,

    I am not a doctor so I can only have limited knowledge on this. However, some of the patients I have seen in the audiology clinic were also seen in the cardiology unit so I have a little experience of cardiology.

    My understanding is that, 'sinus tachycardia' itself is the normal rise in heart-rate which happens when we exercise or get stressed: see the explanation on this Heart Rhythm Disorders link. However, 'inappropriate sinus tachycardia' is where the symptoms of increased heart-rate, breathlessness and fatigue occur without any cause (i.e. when the person is just resting and not under stress). I don't believe it is related to asthma. Also, in a lot of cases this condition is only temporary.

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    If, as Laura Jane mentioned, Sinus Tachycardia is the normal rise in heart rate induced by exercise or stress, and the doctor's not concerned, then I wouldn't be concerned either. Sometimes having a diagnosis with the word "Tachycardia" can be scary, but if it's normal for activity or stress, then it shouldn't be anything to be concerned with, especially in a 2 year old. However, I have read that it can be mistaken for supro-ventricular tachycardia. Did the doctor do an echocardiogram or an EKG? Both of these are non-invasive and can give some good information about heart function.

    I tend to get episodes of tachycardia when I don't have enough of certain nutrients. If I'm taking my supplements regularly, then my heart rhythm is good and steady. If I miss taking my nutrients for a few days, then my heart will start to beat irregularly and will eventually go into Tachycardia.

    My third baby was born with a Congenital Heart Defect and had open heart surgery when he was 2 months of age. We are celebrating his 14th birthday today Each year he sees the Cardiologist and has an EKG and an Echocardiogram done. Next year he will need to wear a halter monitor so the doctor can see his heat rhythm during a 24 hour period. All of these things are non-invasive and can give the doctors a lot of good information.

    Hope this gives you more information so that if you have any concerns, you can talk to your doctor more until you have complete peace of mind about your son's Tachycardia diagnosis.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi ljmarsden,
    Thanks for the info and link...

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    Hi Kate,

    They did an EKG and also X-ray. They did not find any unusual but the sinus tachycardia on the EKG and the X-ray is normal. But as a mother, it is really scary when it comes or related to the heart especially if it is your child being diagnosed.

    In regards to your baby, I hope all the best for him and also to you, say may greetings for him.

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    Oh I forgot to tell,

    After he had the EKG and X-ray, he had a respiratory infection and was given an antibiotic. That is why I asked if asthma and sinus tachycardia is somehow related to each other.

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    I don't know if asthma and synus tachycardia are related. My son ended up having a little bit of activity induced asthma, and when I asked the Cardiologist about this, she said it wasn't related to his heart at all.

    Not sure if the antibiotic could have caused it, but I do know that antibiotics can take a toll on the body, and if the body's immune system was compromised (from the infections and antibiotic) then the asthma could have become more prominent.

    Does he still have the asthma, and if so, when does it act up?

    Warm regards,


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    Hi kate,

    My son does not have asthma, but it runs in the family (my grandfather died because of asthma, well it started with asthma and he had complications after the asthma attack) and I am worried because I did not have asthma and from what I know the next generation of mine will get it. I'm on the 3rd generation, my father did not have it, I did not have it. Please, correct me here if I am wrong because that is what I know.

    That is why I am confused about this, I have read an article that Asthma and Sinus Tachy is totally different and not related to each other. But there are times, that Asthma can cause Sinus Tachy because of not enough supply of oxygen in the body, if I remember it right.

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    You've definitely done more research than I have on Sinus Tachy and asthma and I'm sure you're concerned due to your Grandfather's asthma. I'm hoping the Cardiologist might be able to answer your concerns better.

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    Hi Kate,

    The next time we visit the Paediatrician, I will ask her to check with the Cardiologist who read my son's EKG result about this. Sometimes, Paediatrician doesn't take too much attention especially if the result showed nothing to be concerned about, and of course, family history is forgotten since they have lots of patients. I will talked to her about this. I will keep you updated.

    Thanks a lot!

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