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    Milestone...first word?

    Hi! I know some you has the baby book wherein you write down all the milestone of your

    What was the first word of your kid? when did she/he said it?

    My oldest son said mama when he was 6 months. My youngest was wow when he is 8 months.

    Share yours.

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    What a lovely post!

    My son's first word was 'daddy' followed (closely!) by 'mummy' - when he was 9 months old.

    His latest words have been a lot clearer (now he is 15 months old) and included 'cuddle' last week: so sweet.

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    I love this too! I have actually been horrible about keeping up with my boys' baby books. They will be 5 in May and I need to go back through and fill in the blanks that I have missed (and there are several) from memory -- which by the way isn't what it used to be

    Both of my boys said DaDa and Mumma at around 6-7 months. One of my twin boys started walking at 10 months but didn't talk very much and the other (who had no interest in walking on his own until he was 13 months old) was chatting up a storm and hasn't stopped He began saying things like kitty, cheese, NaNa (his nickname for his brother) cracker at 10 months. He would actually try to repeat anything I asked him to. He's always been very easy to understand and even helped interpret what his brother was trying to tell us when we couldn't figure out what he was saying

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    Oh and LJ I think it's so cute that your son's newest word is cuddle! What a sweetie

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    Ahhh that's amazing how different your boys were even at 10 months DoubleSunshine. I have to admit, I also have some blanks in the journal I need to fill in......!

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    I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one

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    Well as for me, I think that once #3 came along, I quit the baby book thing altogether (#5 definitely doesn't have much if any). I can't even remember what the first words were, but I do remember that with our first baby, all the "firsts" were wonderful milestones that my husband and I both enjoyed. In fact my husband documented (with pictures) the moment she was born (got a picture at 10:21AM) and the next day at 10:21AM, and I think he did it for the first week, every day, at 10:21 AM, then it was once a month for the first year... at 10:21 AM.

    Baby #2 got his picture taken at 9:06AM on the day he was born, and then maybe the first 3 days of his life.

    I don't think we did anything like that for the rest... I suppose those special moments were more for mom and dad than for baby, because as we had more children, we were just busier and it didn't seem as important... otherwise we would have done it

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    Hi DoubleSunshine and ljmarsden,
    I admit I have some blanks that needs to fill in, more especially with my 2nd son.

    Those milestones would remain in our hearts and minds, but it would be nicer to have something to look at while reminiscing, right?

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    Hi Kate,
    I understand how it is to sometimes just forget to do something because we are just busy. When we have our first son, we were just so excited, took a lot of photos since he was born till his first birthday, kept his first cut fingernails, his first haircut and everything that is first. With our 2nd son, almost all the first but less photos. We just get busier to take care of 2 boys.

    Now, we try to take more photos of them together so they can see it themselves when they grow up because there is a tendency kids won't remember or won't believe you when you tell them their stories, unless they can see some proof that it happened.

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    I love the idea that you take pictures of the boys together to show them later when you're re-telling the stories. I'm not a big picture taker, but thankfully, I have children who are.

    My oldest son took pictures of my youngest daughter when she was 2 years old, and "helping" him vacuum the house. It brought tears to my eyes to watch that video again because she's 7 years old now and I miss having a little one. She was SO cute. Oh, to be able to turn back the hands of time. Looking forward to having Grandchildren now

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    Hi Kate,
    It is nice to know that you have kids who like taking pictures. My 2 years old son would say "picture" when he sees or holds a camera. Cute!

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    I am a mom of 7 month old boy, he did not have his first word yet. I have friends who have 6 months old and they can now say "mum", it feels like my boy is developing slowly in his communication skills. When he wants something most of the time he shrieks. I find it a bit weird. When did your babies started mumbling syllables or really said their very first word? Should I be concerned of this? Thanks in advance for answering!

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    Every child develops at his or her own rate. Think of it this way. Does every boy start growing a beard at exactly the same age and month? Nope! Does every girl get her period at exactly the same age? Nope! Each child develops at their own rate, and when their biological clock says "now", then the chemical changes happen, the neurons grow together in the brain, and new things happen.

    I was concerned that my 2 year old wasn't as "verbal" as I thought she should be, but when I had her assessed, the person doing the assessment said she was just fine - nothing to be concerned about. She demonstrated that she knew certain things (like texture differences) without using her words. That child went on to be a straight A student in school, and has just completed her 2nd year of college.

    At 7 months of age I wouldn't be concerned that he's not saying any words yet.

    Some very "general" milestones for a one year old are:

    Says 2-3 words besides "mama" and "dada"
    Recognizes his name when you say it
    Understands very simple instructions

    But you've got a few more months to go before you'll be looking for those. Relax and enjoy your little one and try not to compare him to others. He's unique and he will develop at his unique pace

    I'm sure you'll get more insight from other mums on the forum.

    Warm regards,


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