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    Modern Cloth nappies

    BumCheeks was created in 2009 by Hollie, a stay at home mum to two beautiful babies Jhet & Charleigh.
    I started using modern cloth nappies when my son was 6 months old. Unimpressed with the fit and quality of the nappies I began making my own. With the birth of my little girl I became more creative with styles and fabrics while showing a particular interest in funky design. By 2010 the B cheeks jeans nappy was created and has been a big hit ever since!
    Gone are the days of using terry squares with pins, these days modern cloth nappies are the way to go.

    Our Factory
    In 2010 business started to boom and it was no longer possible to sew all of the nappies myself, after careful consideration and alot of research I found an ethical factory in China that met the standards of qaulity and workmanship to continue my work. All the fabrics currently being used to manufacture nappies are made in China so it only made sense to have them made in the same place passing the savings onto my customers.
    What this means for you!
    Now you no longer have to wait 6 weeks for an embroidered or Jeans nappy, we have plenty in stock at affordable prices!

    What is a WAHM?
    A WAHM is a work at home mum! I choose to work from home while taking care of my two small children. As you can imagine I have my difficult days! so if you send me a message or email I will get back to you! it just might not be straight away as I am not at my computer all day, alot of my emails are done early in the morning and in the evenings.

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    Thanks for sharing Hollie! I am a WAHM myself and always try to support other WAHMs whenever I can. Will definitely browse your selection of nappies.


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