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    Breastfeeding in pregnancy: tender nipples

    My nipples are starting to feel quite tender during breastfeeding (and just after breastfeeding) since I became pregnant. Is this simply due to the breasts being more tender in pregnancy? Did anyone else experience this? Is there anything I can do to make it more comfortable?

    Many thanks.

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    I did experience this. I became pregnant with my second child whilst still breastfeeding my first. The nipples did become more tender, as a result of the pregnancy. I also noticed a decrease in my milk supply. I did have to start limiting breastfeeding times. I was not trying to fully wean my son, but I did start telling him that he could only breastfeed for a certain time and sometimes I would count. He was still pretty young, so he didn't quite understand that. I started giving him a drink or something to eat before breastfeeding, so he wasn't so hungry that he breastfed for a long time. If we stopped a breastfeeding session early, I would also offer him a snack or a drink. He just loved to breastfeed and would have breastfed all day, so I did have to try and limit the times when he could (I did feel bad about that, but my nipples were pretty sore at one point.). After my second child was born, he went back to breastfeeding regularly for almost a year, so limiting his breastfeeding times during the pregnancy did not seem to affect him wanting to breastfeed later or make him want to wean. I have also read that applying ice to the nipples can help prevent it from being as painful when the baby latches on.

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    Thank you for your insight Jessica.

    This is really interesting that your son went back to breastfeeding regularly after the birth of your second child. My son totally loves breastfeeding and I don't like to stop a session earlier but sometimes I get too uncomfortable and need a bit of a break. I also feel that my milk supply has reduced a bit because he seems to want to feed for longer (than before I was pregnant).

    At the moment I am predominantly breastfeeding him: when he wakes up in the morning and to go to sleep for naps/ at night. I also feed him if he gets distressed in the daytime/ is feeling unwell but this doesn't happen very often. I'm wondering if/ how things will change as I become more pregnant and have my second baby. I would like to ideally stop the morning feed so I am only breastfeeding him to go to sleep by the time the next baby comes. I feel this will be manageable but I will see what happens and try to do the best for them both!

    Thanks again.

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