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    Do you teach your child breastfeeding manners?

    Now that my little lad is 15 months old he can be quite energetic and active whilst he is breastfeeding! Sometimes he likes to play with the other breast/nipple or crawl all over me (if we are feeding laying down).

    My question is: do you encourage your child to follow some breastfeeding manners (particularly if they are a toddler)? I have been encouraging my son to rest his hands on my chest rather than playing with my other breast. He is also happy to breastfeed in a less active way when we are feeding in public.

    What do you think?

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    I do try to stop my child from playing with my other breast whilst breastfeeding. My son also liked to pull my hair and twirl it in his fingers, so I decided to try something that may help give him something else to play with during breastfeeding times. Have you ever used a teething or breastfeeding necklace? I just got a teething necklace that is wonderful. The company I purchased it from makes the necklaces from wood and paints the beads with lead-free or food-based paints. They also make ones that have pretty stones. Those aren't to be used for teething, but they are pretty and good for wearing as a fiddle object whilst breastfeeding. The wooden necklace can also be used for teething, and my son enjoyed fiddling with it during breastfeeding. Sometimes, he just likes to hold it and play with it, as well.

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    What a great idea Jessica - thank you. That should keep the little lads fingers busy!

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