When I was a child my family and I went camping every summer. I have some of my very best childhood memories from those trips. I also felt more free and connected with nature than I ever have in my life. As I got older I really didn't have the desire to go camping anymore. My husband and I would go for a night or two here and there but not very often. Once we had the boys we decided that we would wait until they were older to take them. They will be 5 soon and I think we are at the point where we will all have a great time and really enjoy ourselves -- plus, I know the boys will LOVE it.

Since I am very out of practice and have never gone camping with kids I am very interested in the advice of all of you who have taken your children camping. We will be tent camping. What are some of your best tips? What are some of your favorite and easy meals to take and prepare? What are some of the activites your children enjoy most? Any info will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks Ladies