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    Need help from homebirth midwives

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for homebirthers for my study into type of maternity care and maternal psychological wellbeing. If you have any mums due to have their first baby soon, I would really love to hear from them. Homebirthers are such a small but important group. This research will hopefully inform us about the types of maternity care that are best for mums psychological health. Here is the study:

    Are you pregnant and due to give birth to your first baby soon?

    Would you like to participate in a study about type of maternity care and maternal psychological wellbeing?

    By participating in this survey you will go in the draw to win one of two $50 Coles/Myer vouchers.

    Participation is completely anonymous and no individual will be identifiable in the study or in the publication of results. Please note that women under 18 or with pregnancy complications are unable to participate.

    Please email me or please click on the link below:



    Ethics Approval No.HE16-044, valid to 30/03/2017
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