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    co-sleeping with baby

    Hi, I know a lot of mums out there are not into co-sleeping with the baby. My mum has encouraged me to do so, she says it helps with bonding, I am not pregnant yet, but this has been an issue I would love to explore. what are the benefits of not co-sleeping? I sometimes sleep with my infant niece while baby sitting for my cousin. Is this really dangerous? would appreciate your thoughts on this. =)

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    I co-slept with all of my babies. In fact my husband loved having the babies between us.

    The benefit to baby is that the risk of SIDS is less because they pattern their breathing after you, and it is very relaxing for baby to turn over to latch on for a feed, and fall asleep at the breast.

    The benefit for mum is that she gets lots of rest at night while breastfeeding every two hours (or when baby awakens). It's easy enough to change a dirty nappy and then snuggle back in bed for a feed, as the two of you drift off to sleep. Much easier than trying to sit in a chair and stay awake during multiple feeds at night.

    We recently received a question from an exhausted mum who was getting up throughout the night to feed her baby. Take a look at her response once she tried co-sleeping.

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    Thank you for diverting me to that link, it was very helpful. now I know what to do to get those extra zzs!!

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    First few days, my baby was on the crib but then I realized it would really be more efficient if we would just co-sleep. My mom disagreed at first as thrash around when I sleep but I guess your mother instinct would do better. No need to wake the whole house in the middle of the night as you can pop the booba even before she wails. She tries to find the nipples first as she can smell it so you can feel her stirring, therefore, saving you the crying. Just don't forget to burp her or it would be trouble. One year of co-sleeping and no more sleepless nights.

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    I'm pleased to hear that co-sleeping has worked well for your family.

    It's worth noting that some breastfed babies do not need burping. Indeed, this has been the case with my three. They will just feed laying down and fall asleep and then stay comfortably asleep. Of course, this is not the case for all babies; you will get a feel for what is right for them.

    Warm wishes,

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    my husband loved having the babies between us.

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