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Thread: New here w/ question about thyroid and pregnancy.

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    New here w/ question about thyroid and pregnancy.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to your community and looking forward to a place with support from other mums! I'm not pregnant now, but I have a son who is 3 yrs. old, and I developed hypo thyroid post-partum. My levels were very high so not likely to go away.

    My levels are controlled with meds but I'm wondering how difficult it will be to get pregnant again? And will my condition affect me and/or a baby?

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Hi Jenn,

    It's good that you've found a way to control your thyroid and as you may suspect, thyroid can make it a bit more challenging to conceive.

    Many doctors are now suggesting that ideal fertility levels for TSH are between .5 and 2.5. Here's an article on this site that talks more about how thyroid affects fertility. I hope you'll find some helpful information there.

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