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    Complication after birth

    Hi! Right after normal delivery of my 2nd baby (2 months ago), I had difficulty in urinating, wherein I was only able to void a little amount and there is a lot of residual volume in my bladder. I had to have a catheter for 3 weeks and did bladder training, until I was able to void an acceptable amount already. The doctor said this was because my bladder got some trauma after the long labour or maybe during birth. After those 3 weeks, I had to go on antibiotics because I got UTI because of the prolonged use of the catheter. However, I think I am still not completely healed, because I am still experiencing a little pain and my urine still has that strong smell. I have spent so much for doctor appointments since I gave birth and I am thinking if I should just give my bladder some time for it to normalize. I am also thinking if I should repeat the antibiotic my gynaecologist prescribed me, but I am worried that my body has already taken so much antibiotics the past month. Would that be safe to do?

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    Hi mumC,

    Thank you for your post and apologies in not replying earlier.

    What did you decide to do?

    If you are still in pain with this and feel your urine is not normal then you should see your doctor again.

    Have you come across the bladder and bowel foundation?

    I hope you are feeling well now.
    Warm wishes,

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