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    Preschooler sleep - help!

    Hi there! So my three year old has recently been having problems - over the past 2-3 weeks - not getting to sleep. He used to sleep pretty quickly but lately he's been getting up, calling for blankets, and/or rolling around for more than an hour before he can settle himself down. We've tried altering his nighttime routine to a calmer routine but it's not helping.

    Any advice??

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    I can sympathise with you here. We too are having sleeping problems: yawn!

    What is the bedtime routine you have for your son? There's an article here that I found useful from the book The No-Cry Sleep Solution. This focuses on reading your child's sleepy signals?

    Do you think your little boy is not tired when you put him down or just unable to fall asleep? I was also wondering if he has a snack before bedtime?

    I hope we can help each other to get our little ones to sleep better!


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    Hi JennKen,

    LJ mentioned a snack before bed and this can help, especially if it's got protein in it. Your 3 year old could have some natural peanut butter spread on a couple of whole grain crackers. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels and helps him feel full when going to sleep.

    I'd also encourage you to be sure he's getting plenty of exercise during the day. Some ways to do this is to have him go on a walk with you. You can walk around the block, or take a walk at the mall, or go for a walk in the park. But rather than having him in the push trolly, he would walk (and you would walk slower) so that he's getting more energy out during the day.

    Less sitting/laying and more standing/walking/running. You can make a little obstacle course in the house and show him how to go through it. My children enjoyed jumping onto pillows when they were that age. As long as I was watching them and had it set up so that they were safe, they would jump and jump and jump onto those pillows or cushions. Fun!

    If he's getting up, calling for blankets and/or rolling around after you put him down, my suspicion would be that he's just not tired enough and may need to either have more hours up (make sure you're getting him up early enough in the morning) or more activity during his waking hours.

    Please post back and let us know your thoughts and how it goes.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi LJ, thanks for the reply.

    We typically eat right before starting bedtime routines, so snacking shouldn't be an issue - although I will watch for it. We take a bath some nights, then potty/brush teeth, quiet book with songs and snuggles, then lights out. We keep the routine very consistent even if it's a late night, so he knows exactly what to expect.

    I will check out the book you mentioned as well!

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    Hi Kate, thank you!

    We did get off track a bit with naptime so we are trying to get nap in earlier and lots of time outside. Daddy wears him out with a "walk" on his scooter too. As I mentioned to LJ we eat right before bed so I honestly don't think he's hungry - he eats well!

    Thanks for the suggestions, we will keep trying!

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    Having a later nap can throw children way off so I'm guessing that's what it is. Earlier up in the morning, earlier nap, and same level of activity and my guess is he will go right to sleep when it's bed time.

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    Yes I agree with Kate - it may be that if his routine is later (including his daytime naps) then (even if it is the same routine) he does not want to go to sleep.

    Really hope it starts to get easier for you soon - let us know how you are getting on.


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