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    How do you balance your time with your kids and work?

    I recently got promoted which means more time at work. I'm struggling how I can balance my time at work and make sure that I still have time with my kids.

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    Dear proudmommy,

    That's a difficult one and a question that many of us struggle with at some point.

    Have you come across the Hands Free Revolution? It is an excellent resource put together by a mum who explains how we need to engage with your children in our minds as well as our actions when we are there with them in the present. We can't all be with our children all of the time but it is so important that when we are with them we give them our full attention and care.

    I think that planning special family days out with our children makes a big difference. You can all look forward to it when you are apart from each other during the week.

    Family meal-times can be an excellent place for catching up on the days events and sharing lives. Even if you can only manage to eat together a couple of times a week this can make a big difference.

    I know it can be difficult, but try to leave your work stresses and concerns at work and when you come through the door focus on hearing how your kids' day was and spending quality time with them. Sharing books together is a great way to do this.

    With warm wishes,

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    You can spend time with your kids during your day off at work. You can cook for them, spend some quality time and take them to the places they want to go. Working mom are sometimes stressful because you don’t have enough time to spend with your kids so make sure to cherish each moment with your kids during day offs.

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