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Thread: Work/Life balance?

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    Work/Life balance?

    Anyone else out there struggling to get a balance between work life and home/family time? I recently quit my job to stay home with my son because the job I was in was overloading everyone - all our family time happened in the car! Now I'm having trouble finding a new job that offers flexible/early hours so that I can make time daily to spend with my awesome son. And it would be nice to have energy at the end of the the day for my hubby too.

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    Hi JennKen,

    It's hard, isn't it?! I want to spend every minute of the day with my little boy but I have to work (part time) too. I don't want to compromise/ miss out on any time with him but I also know it isn't possible for me to be with him all the time.

    I hope you soon find a job with flexible working hours. It's great that you made the decision to quit your old job and prioritise more family time.

    I have found that, in order to make sure I also spend quality time with my husband, we have to plan our 'dates' in advance - more than before we had children. Sometimes we will cook each other a special meal or plan to watch a favourite film when our toddler is sleeping. Sometimes I wonder what we did we all our time before we had kids....!

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    Hi JennKen,

    You are to be commended for choosing to stay home with your son. Though it puts the squeeze on finances, it can be done and will greatly benefit your family. Think about areas in your life where you could cut back spending. Every little bit adds up.

    ljmarsden had some good suggestions! Making time (planning dates with your husband) can be really fun for women as we typically get more enjoyment out of the planning process than we do out of the actual event (though that can be fun too). Planning where you'll go, what you'll eat, what you'll wear and what you'll do - it's just all part of the fun for us mums! Plus you don't have to plan to spend a lot (or even anything) - you could just plan to have a picnic on the living room floor during bub's nap time.

    I just started a thread called Saving Money on Family Needs. Check out the resources I included on that post. I'm eager to learn how to save at least 50% or more on many of our family purchases, including food, clothing and sundries and hope that it will help you be able to spend more time with your family and less time working (or at least help while you're searching for that perfect job).

    One thing I'd like to mention is that many of the pre-packaged foods you may find for free or inexpensive prices will not give you the energy you need at the end of the day for your husband. If you like eating prepackaged foods for find it's a necessity (to save money) then you'll definitely want to be sure you're at least taking a high quality multi-vitamin. Eating right and exercising regularly can help you have more energy and taking quality supplements to boost nutrients you may be low in can help as well.

    For starters, here's a video that specifically talks about how to cut your grocery bill in half.

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    Thanks ladies, Kate I will be checking out your money-saving resources. We are fortunate to have grandparents close by so that we can go out as their schedule permits, which is nice.

    We really don't eat a lot of packaged foods, we both cook and prefer that as much as possible.

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    You can work at home too; other moms are working at home to spend time with their kids and hubby. I think it is better to work at home when you are a mom. You will take care of your children while working and you will monitor them always.

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