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    Smile How to get pregnant after a long years of continuos birth control using pills?

    Hi there,

    My story goes like this. I instantly got pregnant on my first child. After giving birth, my husband and I decided to take a family planning to put a birth gap on our children. I used contraceptive pills for about two consecutive years as our chosen birth control method.

    Now, it's almost two years that we are longing to have our second child. My periods are okay except that I couldn't get pregnant. Is it because of the long term use of contraceptive pills?

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    Hi Renolyn,

    Contraceptives like "The Pill" are hormonal based which means that when you take a pill, you are adding hormones to your body to make it infertile (not able to conceive).

    When you stop taking the pill, it can take up to a year for those old hormones from the pill, to move out of your body. However, it is known that taking the pill can cause a zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency can also be caused by stress, alcohol consumption, coffee, menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding (among other things). When zinc levels are too low in the body, it becomes difficult to conceive and carry a baby to term.

    Another common reason for the inability to conceive is the quality of egg and sperm. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption can all contribute to poor egg and sperm quality.

    I'd highly recommend that you start on your preconception care right away, and this includes eating foods that are fertility friendly.

    Warm Regards,


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    thank you so much

    the information i got regarding contraceptive pills is now clearer to me maybe i should stop my pills even though i need those sometimes to regulate my menstruation. should i use fertility pills to get pregnant again?

    more power to your site!!


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    Hi Ren,

    If you want to conceive, then you'll need to stop taking the pill. If you've had irregular cycles in the past, then you'll want to determine what is causing those irregular cycles so that you can then do what's needed to regulate them naturally and/or with the proper medication.

    Do you have any acne on your face or back?
    Do you carry any extra weight around your middle/tummy area?
    Do you find it hard to lose weight?
    Do you get bad cramps during your period?

    Post back and I'll try to give you some information on how to determine what's causing your irregular cycles so you can conceive faster.

    Warm Regards,


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    hi, my name is Sach,... i got married last year in the faburary..2011.... we are trying for the baby from that time till now.........but no luck... found out pcos in june 2011 and start taking metformin and lost 13kg weight sooo faarr.... but still no luck. my husbands reports all ok... but its just me who is responible for not getting preg.... my doctor wants me to loose more and more weight .... i am so stressed and dont know what do do? please help mee

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    Hi Sach77,

    First of all, congratulations on losing 13 kg of weight. That's GREAT! Weight loss can be very hard to achieve with PCOS simply because it is hormonal based. However, it looks like the metformin is helping with your hormonal imbalance and that's a good thing.

    I just started using this wonderful website called Calorie King. It asks for your height, activity level (gives you choices to choose from) and weight. It also asks you for your ideal target weight.

    Then it calculates how many calories you can eat in a day in order to lose one or two pounds a week. It's the easiest way to count calories that I've ever seen. For me, just keeping a record of what I was putting in my mouth was enlightening. I had no idea I was eating as much as I was until I started keeping track.

    There's also a place to keep track of how much water you are drinking.

    You can also keep track of what you're eating by simply writing it down on a piece of paper at each meal.

    PCOS is similar to diabetes in that your biggest challenge is insulin resistance. This means you have to be extremely careful with the simple carbohydrates (like white rice and pasta) and sugars that you eat. The less of these you eat the better your fertility will become.

    Drinking up to half of your body weight in ounces of pure water every single day can also help. And, of course, exercise is a biggie for anyone with PCOS. Especially helpful for PCOS is resistance exercises and weight lifting because these use more glucose. But you'll also want to do some walking or aerobics too. Try to walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day, non-stop.

    Here's a good thread on PCOS with more suggestions.

    PCOS takes time to get under control, and losing weight takes time too (think about how many years it too you to put the weight on - it's going to take some time to take it off). But it sounds like you're on the right track, and if you are really watching the sugars and simple carbs (by nearly eliminating them) and you're exercising and drinking plenty of pure water, you should be able to turn this around sooner rather than later.

    Warm Regards,

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