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    Spotting and Tissue Discharge

    Hi everyone! I am nine weeks pregnant and two nights ago I had a small amount of spotting which only lasted for about half an hour which I am quite concerned about. I have had some spotting earlier on in the pregnancy but everything checked out fine after that (ultrasound detecting heartbeat at seven weeks and HCG levels have been progressing normally) but this was quite different. The blood was darker than previously, it included a couple of tiny blood clots and a small amount of something looking like tissue passed as well. It was not accompanied by cramping but have had a few sharper pains here and there higher in my abdomen which i attributed to my uterus stretching. Since then I have not spotted but am so scared that I have had the beginnings of a miscarriage or a possible missed miscarriage. Would love to hear thoughts on this and if anyone had something similar happen?

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    Hi - I am sorry you are experiencing some bleeding and know how concerning it is. It is reassuring that your bleeding has stopped now. I would certainly contact your midwife or doctor for advise. Just let them know what you've experienced - they may want to do further tests. Just so you know if you were going to miscarry typically the bleeding would increase not stop, it generally gets heavier. The bleeding is usually bright red and accompanied by cramping.
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