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    What is your favourite starting solids moment?

    Whilst starting solids has its challenges for mums and dads, it is a memorable time for the whole family. Do you have a particular special memory of when your little one started soilds? What feelings does it invoke when you think back to this time?

    For me, it has to be the glorious mess as my little ones enjoyed exploring their food with baby led weaning. I remember the delight you could see as they handled the different textures and experimented with different food combinations.

    Precious memories.

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    Even before she's six months, I let her taste fruits and vegetables. She won't swallow them anyway but I aim to program her with bitter and leafy vegetables. But the first time she ate something was during her 7th month, and it was banana. I think you cannot go wrong with bananas as I ate a whole one without chewing it and it didn't make me choke.

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