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    Cravings during pregnancy, your kids would love it too...

    Hello everybody,

    Is it true that what you are craving for when you were pregnant is more likely what your kids would love?

    When I was pregnant with my oldest boy, I loved to eat fish, and now he loves to eat fish.
    With my young one, I drank a lot of cold Hershey's chocolate syrup drink all through out my pregnancy. And now, he likes it too.
    At some point, it can be true (based on my experience) and now I am seeing it in my kids.

    How about anyone else here? Share please.

    Thank you.

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    I've not heard this before. My son does like to eat cereal which I craved during pregnancy - although maybe he just likes to copy me and eat what I eat!

    Has anyone else found this?

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    Hi Lj.

    At least I have one testimony, as you said about your son. But let's see if there are some more who would reply a post and agree with me,

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