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    first haircut stories...

    Hi there everybody,

    Please share you stories here about the first haircut of your baby.

    Here is mine.

    My 1-year-old son had a haircut last week, it was his very first. It was alright at first, he just sat there looking at the mirror and just being plain naive little boy wondering what was happening (he looked so cute how he looks at the mirror to look at himself) but when his hair got all over his face and neck he got irritated and wanted to get off the chair. But finally, we got it done. Good thing, the barber had a lot of patience. And I was very thankful to him for exerting an extra effort to give an excellent haircut on my little boy.

    Share your stories here. Thanks!

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    The one I remember the most was my 2nd son. I just remember wanting to trim his hair up but my husband thought his curls were so cute and he didn't let me cut them until he was 3 years old.

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    His hair must have grown long...
    but it must have looked good with those curls.

    Thanks for replying.

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    Awww these are sweet! I still have not had my toddlers hair cut as it's so lovely and soft and curly at the back.

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    Hi LJ,

    I bet you enjoy their soft and curly hair. But don't forget to share your story, I can't wait.

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