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    Maternity Pillow?

    I recently came across maternity pillows. They look super comfortable but is this even necessary or can a bunch of pillows do the trick as well? I read from here that it has many benefits but I guess our mothers didnít have one before. So do I really need one even if I am comfortably sleeping now? I am 22 weeks and so far, I have no trouble or discomfort or anything. I heard itíll be tougher as it gets bigger but some says it really depends on the woman.

    I was also surprised to know that there is a wide variety of styles for pregnancy pillows available in the market. I found this list the most comprehensive among others. I sleep alone as my partner is abroad so I guess I can use this beyond pregnancy.

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    Hi hyojoo,
    My elder sister is 27 weeks pregnant and she needs a body pillow for comfort. I saw your list and my friend gave me some list. But we did not choose a pillow. Can you see me another pillow list?

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