When my bub was born, it was by emergency Cesarean section. I had been in labour for 30 hours and was not progressing. Also my son was in distress. When he was delivered, he was not breathing and did not have a pulse. The doctors rushed him to the special care nursery and were able to get his vitals back to normal quite quickly really. Due to the sedation, I did not understand what was happening, but my husband did and was not handling it well. Our bub spent the first 12 hours in the special care nursery before he was brought to us. He has been healthy since then, except for one hospital visit where he was having difficulty breathing on his own.

My question is how to help my husband recover from the trauma of the birth. Even though it has been six month since our bub was born, my husband remains very protective and overly concerned for our bub's health. It makes for a stressful home environment at times. I expected that I would be the over-protective mum, but it turns out it is my husband who was most affected by the traumatic birth. How do I help him understand that our son is safe now?