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    Pregnancy and anxiety disorder

    Is it possible to go through a pregnancy with an anxiety disorder and without any medication? Iíve had almost a whole year free of panic attacks and we have been discussing the issue of having another baby but Iím afraid a new pregnancy would just trigger the anxiety attacks and depression again. Does anyone have an experience with this?

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    Hi Mumwith5yo,

    It's wonderful to hear that you've gone through an entire year free of panic attacks. But as you suspect, pregnancy means that the baby will take a lot of nutrients from you. If some nutrients are on the low side (nutrients needed to help you avoid panic attacks) you could experience them again, as well as depression.

    So what I'd suggest is that you start your preconception care right now. I'd also encourage you to find a nutritionist or midwife, naturopathic physician or Chiropractor who can give you suggestions on which supplements you should take and how much you should take of each.

    One supplement I've personally found very helpful is Inositol. This is a B vitamin that helps stabilize and increase mood. You can take quite a lot of it. My nutritionist started me on 3 grams per day, and I increased this every 5 days until I was taking 12 grams per day. This is for mood, increasing serotonin levels when needed and also helps with the breakdown of fats and reducing cholesterol. You'll want to reduce the dose when you notice you're feeling better. I take this every day now, according to the label.

    You may also want to take an all around high quality prenatal vitamin. The higher the quality the more bioavailability (the more your body will be able to utilize it and the less will be excreted through the urine). A low quality supplement will mostly be excreted from the body without being used, which means you're literally throwing money down the toilet.

    Let me know if you'd like a resource for finding a Naturopathic Doctor online who can answer your questions and prescribe the right nutrients in the right amounts. You'll be able to take nutrients during your pregnancy and while breastfeeding, whereas you wouldn't want to take medications during that time.

    Hope this helps.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Kate,
    Thank you for the advice and the information.
    I think I’m on the right path here. I’ve already started taking vit B complex a few months ago for a different reason and then noticed I’m in a lot better mood and not nearly as nervous, so I’ve read about its connection with anxiety and depression conditions and it turned out it has lot more to do with it than I expected. I will check with my doctor about Inositol and could try that as well. Hopefully it would work for me as good as it did for you.
    To be honest I‘ve never thought about how nutrients and their right balance could affect your mood and help control anxiety levels. I would be grateful for any resources where I could read more about this and get some specific questions answered. Always thought of this as mental condition you could only control with either therapy or medication. The only way I found so far other than that is keeping myself as busy as possible and not have a minute free to rest or think about things that trigger bad thoughts, which of course is absolutely exhausting most of the time and wouldn’t work if pregnant. Also, I can feel a panic attack coming most of the time as I kinda recognize the way my thoughts are going in that direction and if I manage to think about something else very quickly or distract myself in any other way, I could actually avoid it…. Unfortunately this only works throughout the day :/ I’m afraid my thoughts will jump on the wrong track with a new baby inside and I would totally lose it.. or maybe I just worry too much. Hm.

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    I have a wonderful Naturopathic Physician who answers my health questions online. She's Board Licensed, a mother with 3 young children, and she specializes in women's health. Her fees are very affordable and she can tell you exactly what you need to take and in what dosages.

    Her name is Dr. Tara Barker and you can learn more about her services here:

    When my daughter was dealing with Adrenal Fatigue and losing her hair, I consulted with Tara and she gave wonderful suggestions for foods my daughter should be eating (and avoiding) and supplements she should be taking (including dosages).

    If you are already taking a psychological medication then taking Inositol could increase seratonin levels too much, but if you're not taking other medication, it should be just fine, as it is a natural "B" vitamin.

    Vitamin B12 can also be helpful. You want to be taking therapeutic dosages (not just according to the label) so that you're sure to get enough into your system as quickly as is practical. This is why working with a Naturopathic Doctor can be so helpful. She can tell you exactly how much to take.

    Here's a good page that discusses why Inositol works so well on panic and anxiety disorders.

    Please post back any questions you may have.

    Warm regards,


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    Thanks Kate for a very informative and helpful advice. I will have a thorough look at these links and recourses and appreciate your help on this. It's a torture for life for me and I'm always happy and amazed to hear anyone got out of it for good. Thanks again

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    You're very welcome, and post back with any other questions that may arise.

    Warm Regards,


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