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    massage therapy for pregnant woman

    Good day! I am very curios if I am allowed to have a massage therapy session even with my sensitive pregnancy. I tried to watch some videos on proper massage techniques for pregnant women but I need to lie down side ways which is going to make my rib side ache as Iíve experienced when I try to go to sleep. Iím afraid to try it as well as Iím not sure if it would be alright for a pregnant woman like me who always have spotting to have a massage therapy. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions/clarifications on this matter. Thank you.

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    A prenatal massage is wonderful during pregnancy.
    A certified prenatal massage therapist is one to seek out in this case.
    Someone who is certified in doing massage while a mum is pregnant is very important.
    I would not have a massage by someone who is not certified.
    Most prenatal massage therapists will advertise that they do indeed offer prenatal massage therapy. Seek this out in your search for massage while pregnant.

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    Hi. That's nice to know. Thank you for the information. I'll definitely look for a certified prenatal massage therapist next week. I'm excited! Have a good one.

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