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    Embryos in Storage - Babies-in-waiting

    Hi there

    I am 41 and after many IVF cycles, successfully carried and birth a live little girl in January 2011. Now 15 months old she is the apple of my eye. I have three embryos in storage.

    I have alternated between thinking I could never go through birth again (due to having a traumatic one) and wondering if there is another gorgeous baby just waiting for its chance at life. At 41 I wonder if I am crazy to try. But they are my babies.

    Part of me is afraid to take the risk, part of me aches to know if there is another baby for me, and yet another part of me longs for another shot at the homebirth I didn't get to have (hospital transfer & emergency C).

    I am wondering if anyone else has faced or is facing this dilemma? What are your thoughts or what did you do?

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    I've found that the maternal instinct is very strong and sometimes it doesn't matter how much you try to bring reason into the picture, the driving force within wins, and it's just really hard to not try for another little one to add to the family.

    I'm wondering if maybe some counseling would help you to work through the trauma of the first birth, and if maybe something like hypnobirthing would be yet another option to consider for the birth itself, to help quell any fears during the birth.

    Warm regards,


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