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    Does playing music with your baby on the womb helps increase intelectual ability?

    Hello there,

    While i was at my first trimester, i was advised by many mums to play music with my baby on the womb. They say by doing it increases the intelectual ability of the baby. Is it really true? Is there any relative explanation on how and why it happens?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Mandee,

    This recent study looked at the outcome of music played to babies in the womb. It shows that babies could remember the music played even 12 months after they heard the music in the womb. The study also explains that the type of music does not matter (previously some thought that particularly classical music could increase a baby's intelligence). So the evidence is that it has a positive impact on memory but whether on not this increases the baby's intellectual ability is still not directly verified.

    I'll be interested to read about any other research into this topic here.


    p.s. In the study I quoted above the impact of music on the memory is most significant if the music is played in the third trimester.

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