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    Question Separation Anxiety


    I have a 5-month old baby who is very friendly to almost everyone she sees. She smiles at people even at strangers. I don't want her to have separation anxiety when she grows a little older. Will it help if I expose her to people such as family members and friends?

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    Hi Charibelle,

    Encouraging family and friends to interact with your daughter can help reduce separation anxiety as she gets older, but it's important for you to know that it is VERY natural for babies to have separation anxiety around 9 months of age (possibly a few months earlier). If the child is used to having a child care provider, you won't see much separation anxiety when you drop her off with her caregiver, being that this person is very familiar to her. But if she is only in child care 2 days a week, you may see a change in how your child reacts to her caregiver when she's around 9 months of age. At this stage, your daughter will become very aware of when you leave and she may have a difficult time adjusting to the person you're leaving her with.

    In short, if you have a caregiver she see's nearly every day, she will be much more comfortable when you leave her with that person. If Grandma sees her once or twice a week, she will be more familiar with her than if she only sees her once a month, but you may still see some separation anxiety when you leave her. It's just a stage they go through, and they do outgrow it, especially as they become more mobile and interested in their new world.

    Warm regards,


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    Thanks Kate! Well, lately I've noticed some changes in her behavior whenever I leave her with her aunt, uncle, and grandparents which she only see every weekend. She always look at me when she is carried by others and sometimes she seems to be irritable. But when I get her, she's all happy and bubbly again.

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    She loves her Mama and that's as it should be! It's okay to keep your bub for yourself, even if others are over for a visit. She is bonded to you and once she starts toddling around she will become more independent so enjoy this time with your daughter

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