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    Question Should I trust this clinic?

    Hi, everybody. I decided to write here cause I need your advice. Actually, I hope to meet people who would understand me and would try to support me at the moment. Several words about myself. I’m 37 years old and it seems I’m entering my menopause period. Up to 35 years old everything was OK. When I was 29, I gave birth to my lovely son. Now, I’ve got married for the second time and my new hubby and I dream to give birth to our mutual baby angel. We’ve been TTC for nearly 3 years. When my periods started to be irregular, we tried IVF with my own eggs. It came with BFN result. Now we want to try one more time with a donor egg. Firstly, we tried to find a good fertility clinic here, in the USA. We’ve found a good one, but it turned to be too expensive for us. The cheaper variant is to try our luck somewhere abroad. As my husband soon has to go to Europe on business, we decided to try our luck with European fertility clinics. We got interested in one fertility clinic. It’s situated in Ukraine, Kiev. The clinic has quite a lot of favorable feedbacks on various fertility forums. We’ve found quite a lot of favorable feedbacks about its fertility specialist. Nevertheless, when we came to Kiev, the things turned to quite differentFirstly, we didn’t expect to find out that the clinic was so tiny. It was situated in a small private house. We visited it twice and every time it was overcrowded with people of various nationalities.
    We met loads of Chinese and Indian patients there. The atmosphere was noisy and unpleasant. The staff was constantly going forwards and backwards. It seemed that the telephone was ringing for ages and nobody wanted to answer to it…
    The clinic administrator showed us by her facial expression that she was bored to death by our question why we had to wait in the queue to meet the clinic’s representatives.
    We used to visit another Ukrainian clinic the other days, and everything was different there. It was called Nadia. Firstly, the clinic halls were empty. The administrator was friendly, and the doctor soothing. We liked the way we were treated there, but we didn’t like that the clinic’s halls were empty. To be frank, it looked like we were in a horror film, because not a single soul was there.
    We didn’t sign contracts with any clinic and went back home. Now we have to decide whether to come back to Ukraine and choose one of these clinics, or go and try to get the egg donation in other clinic or maybe another country.
    I just want to get to know your opinion about both of these clinics. If the clinic is overcrowded with the patients, but the staff is cold and unfriendly, what does this mean???
    P.S. Maybe there is someone here who has gone to Ukraine to get an egg donation program. Please share your experience with us… I need your advice because I really don’t know what to do further…
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    Dear orangemarmelade,

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your difficulties becoming pregnant.

    There are a lot of factors to consider when seeking fertility treatment outside of your residential country. This information here was written for British couples considering whether to use fertility clinics abroad. I think it will still be relevant to you. Clinics in different countries will not have the same regulatory systems governing them as in the USA.

    I wonder if you have also looked at the donor conception network?

    Wishing you all the very best,

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    Hi, dear! Really sorry for you for having experienced all these things. I would recommend you to trust your gut in this situation. Just try to get as much as possible information about the clinic you’re going to deal with. Fertility forums may become a real help to you.
    P.S. If I were in your shoes, I would quit them. If the clinic is a respectable one, it wouldn’t treat its patients in such way!!!!

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    I would also think so, but I’ve found quite a lot favorable feedbacks about it on various fertility forums. The ladies praise the fertility specialists who work there very much. One even wrote about the fact that they’ve helped a 66-year-old woman to conceive. I’ve emailed some of them. They told me that the result was ok, but they did have to wait in a queue to see the fertility specialists who work there. Some of them advise to contact a program manager and ask her to organize our visits better. They usually fix the problems rather quickly.

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    Sounds great, but as far as I know Ukraine is situated far from Australia. You have to spend many hours on the plane before you’ll be able to reach the country. I don’t know much about Ukraine, but you have to know Russian to be able to communicate there. You’ve already been there… Where did you live, dear? Do have any relatives or friends in that country? Maybe, you’ve hired in an interpreter? Please, share your experience with me…

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    No, we don’t have any relatives in Ukraine. When we came to Kiev, we were met at the airport by the clinic’s representatives. It was a driver and an interpreter. We were provided by a comfortable apartment and meals. Every time we visited the clinic we were followed by an interpreter. Our program manger even organized a small tour around Kiev. It was fantastic. However, we had to wait quite a lot of time in the queue. It was so boring and exhausting. The clinic seems ok, but why can’t they organize their work properly? I can’t understand this…

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    Maybe, they do have quite a lot of patients, and it’s the main reason why they made you wait in the queue. I wouldn’t also like it much, because I’m really a busy person and don’t like wasting time on unnecessary things. Orangemarmelade, I would also like to ask you to get to know whether the clinic you’re going to deal with is an ethical one. For me, it’s the most important criteria. I won’t deal with the clinic that users poor young women to earn some money. Just ask them how they are going to treat your egg donor. I think this woman should get the best from the best.

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    I quite agree with you, MissP. I wouldn’t also like to deal with the clinic that deceives ladies that agree to donate their eggs. It’s not right to do this. We spoke with the clinic’s representatives about this and they told us that the clinic is very selective in choosing egg donor’s for their patients. Firstly, they deal only with young women. The woman should be from 18 to 25 years old. She must be totally healthy. She should have a healthy heredity. It means her parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts shouldn’t have any heredity issues. The egg donor should also pass a rigorous medical checkup and psychological testing to be taken to the program.

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    Ok, it’s great that the clinic deals only with healthy and responsible women who quite understand what they’re going to do. But how are they going to choose a donor for you? Every person is unique. Even twins have a slight difference between each other. I know that some clinics usually give their clients a short description of the donor. Will the clinic you’ve got interested do the same?
    P.S. Do you know that in some countries ED isn’t a totally anonymous procedure?

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    In Ukraine, ED is a totally anonymous procedure. The clinic guarantees that none will get any data about the donor, the infertile couple and the baby who was conceived with the help of a donor egg. The clinic seems to have a large donors’ data base. Before visiting the clinic for the first time, we passed them a short description of the woman whom we considered to be a perfect donor for us. They would use a special software to find an appropriate donor for us. If we sign up a contract with them, we may even see the donor’s 3D photo. What do you think about?

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    Hi, ladies. I’ve decided to join this thread cause I also need your advice. Actually, I also have some problems with TTC. I have a very low ovarian reserve. This is the main reason why I decided to do IVF. I live in the UK, and as it’s an English-speaking message board, I decided to write here… My DH and I also want to go to Ukraine and look for a fertility clinic there. However, we still hesitate whether to go there or not…

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    Hi, iamhappy. Nice to meet you, hun! All in all, Ukraine is ok. Though, it’s rather poor country, Ukrainian people seem to be so kind and friendly. We used to visit Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. It was a very safe and quiet place. We didn’t have to look for an accommodation, as the clinic provided us with a free accommodation not far from the city center. The clinic’s representatives also provided us with free meals and transportation services. When we were leaving Ukraine, we made a little sightseeing tour around the city. It turned to be so modern!!!

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    Orangemarmalade, thanks for your post. We really hesitated at first whether to go there or not. I also liked the fact that the clinic provided you with a comfortable apartment and transportation services. I think itís really handy. However, I would like to ask you whether the clinic will charge any additional fees from you. As far as I know, some fertility clinics like to do this. Does Biotexcom do the same?

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    It depends on the clinic you’ve chosen. We have to sign up a contract with this clinic. According to this contract, the clinic will charge only a fixed sum from us. It will be divided into several installments as we’re booking several shots. For us, it’s really handy. We may make the payments either in cash or via a bank transfer. I think you’d better discuss this question with the program manager of the clinic you’re going to deal with.

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    Oh, I seeÖ I think I should ask our program manager about it. Hun, I want to try to take some vitamins to enhance my chances to conceive. Did your fertility specialist prescribe you any vitamins? Did you do any tests before visiting the clinic? What were they?
    P.S. Are these tests really so important???

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