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    I think you should consult your fertility specialist first. Heís the one who would tell you whether to take the vitamins or not. Some vitamins shouldnít be taken at all because they may harm you!!! Be careful, hun!!! ED donation requires a number of tests because your doctorís should investigate your health condition to understand whether youíll be able to conceive. You may ask your fertility specialist to give you the list of tests to be done.

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    If I were in your shoes, I would meet them one more time and ask them to give entire information about the way they are going to treat surro mum who will carry and give birth to your child.

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    Orangemarmelade, I quite agree with you, hun. I visited my fertility specialist the previous week. She told me that not all vitamins should be taken when you prepare for egg donation. She gave us the entire list of tests we’re to do (both me and my hubby). Several days ago I made several blood tests and one ultrasound check. Hun, have you made up a decision yet? Will you visit that clinic?

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    Frankly speaking, we havenít made our mind yet what to do further. We liked their prices. The package of services includes loads of favorable services like transportation, living, free meals and the services of an interpreter. The other clinics weíve contacted havenít offered such a perfect match. However, the fact that they made us wait in a large queue made both me and my hubby a little bit nervous.
    P.S. My hubby phoned them and had a talk with the client manager. She apologized and promised to organize our next visit much better.

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    You did the right thing by having talked with their client manager. At least, they would know what makes their clients upset about their services. If they are a reputable clinic, they would do their best to fix all their faults. I think you should trust your gut in this situation. If you consider them quite ok, you may deal with them. Why not? At any rate, I wish you good luck in your ED journey, hun.

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    The thing is they really seem ok. We liked quite a lot of things about them. Their prices are quite reasonable and they offer such handy services as accommodation and transportation. I think itís really handy (especially, if you have to come from abroad). They use oocytes of young and healthy women for their ED programs, and it gives better chances to conceive. These are the things we liked about them. However, you have to wait in large queues and itís so tiresomeÖ

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    I would advise you to trust your gut in this situation. You’re the one who was there and you have to decide what to do further. If they offer you qualitative services at a reasonable price, you may take time to wait. Why not??? I don’t think it will be hard to do if, finally, you get pregnant. For me, it’s a key moment in choosing the clinic. At any rate, I wish you good luck in your egg donation journey.
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    P.S. I would advise to read the contract you’re going to sign up very attentively.
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    I_am_happy, thanks for cheering me up in some way. I feel so nervous these days. I want to become a mum so much. Biotexcom representatives are ready to meet us the following month. My DH says that we should give them a second chance. He talked with their client manager. They are ready to appoint a new program coordinator for our program.

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    So what have you decided to do? Will you visit them or not? I think it’s a good sign that they offered you to visit them one more time. If it’s reputable clinic, they would do all possible things to please you. I think everything will be ok. Did you speak with your new program coordinator? Did you like her?

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    We’re going to visit them the following month. We like their success rates. In addition, they don’t charge much for their services. It suits us because we can’t spend much now. I do hope everything will be ok this time. We spoke with our new program manage. She turned to be a very sweet lady. I_am_happy, thanks for your support and help. Your posts really cheered me up all this time.

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    You’re welcome, hun! I’m really glad for you. At least, your ED journey started at last. Just believe in good things and they will happen to you. I’m sending loads of baby dust on you! Good luck in your DE IVF.
    P.S. I’m looking forward to get your updates, hun!

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