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    kids and gadgets


    My 2 years old son loves gadgets. At his age, he knows how to navigate an Iphone.
    He loves to watch anime or cartoons at his father's laptop. He knows how to put the DVD to the player and how to make it start. For me it is unbelievable, but of course, very proud of him, because at his young age he knows how to use gadgets.

    Any stories like this, share please.

    It's just amazing how kids nowadays can keep up with the adults in terms of technology.

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    My children were the same way when they were little. To this day I ask them how to use the TV remote control because I haven't taken the time to figure it out. They know just what to do.

    I remember one of my children being able to ride a two wheel Razer Scooter before she was 2 years old! She was the only one who could do it that young. She had great balance!

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    Thanks for the reply.

    That was really nice! It puts a smile on my face to read something like this. Kids have their own way of learning on their own. They can just do it, figure it out on their own and it's just amazing.

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