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    Prolong used of feeding bottle


    I would like to ask on how you can train a 3 year old child to stop using feeding bottle when drinking her milk. As far as I know prolong used of feeding bottle would affect the formation of the teeth, that is why I asked my daughter to use glass instead of feeding bottle when drinking her milk.

    Thank you.

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    We tried using a training cup with a soft spout for a while before transitioning to a glass. My children were younger when they transitioned to the cup, but I would think with a three year old you could get them excited about using a big cup by telling them how "grown up" it is and how it makes them a "big girl" or "big boy". It may also help to invest in a fun cup that they will want to drink out of, such as one that is decorated with their favorite character.

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    Hi Ghie,

    My health visitor said that after a year of age it is best if a baby has nothing plastic in their mouth to suck on - this includes dummies and pacifiers (as this is best for their teeth). However, I know a lot of mums and dads find it hard to stop using these after just a year as the baby seems so attached to them.

    I agree with mom2many that you could tell your daughter now she is a 'big girl' she gets to drink from a proper cup. You could even have a 'throwing away the bottle' party to celebrate! Then you can let her choose the special new cup she will get to drink from.

    I hope it goes well for you - let us know how you get on.


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    Alright I'll tell to my girl that "big girls" don't used bottle anymore, I'll ask her to change it and let her choose a nice cup in replacement of her feeding bottles.

    Thank you so much.

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    Hi Ghie,

    You've been given some good ideas from LJ and Mom2Many. Sometimes using a bottle or a sippy cup makes it easier for mom because the milk is contained, the child doesn't have to sit at the table to eat and she can even let the child fall asleep with it. I suppose I mention this because the transition from bottle to cup at the age of 3 can be difficult for mom too.

    Drinking from a bottle should no longer be an option. Throw them away or give them away, but don't even have one in the house because you may be tempted to get it back out for her, which will only prolong the transition.

    I like to have a cup with a straw or a sippy type cup in the house for when my children are sick. If they want a cup of water with them at night, it's nice to have something that's contained that they can have on the couch or in their bed.

    If you're going to pick up a cup like this, try to get one that is BPA free. Many of the cups that are now being made for children are BPA free and less chemicals in the plastic is a good thing.

    My guess is that your daughter will transition easily to the cup once she realizes that she has to be sitting at the table when she drinks. The transition should be done within a week.

    Please post back and let us know how long it takes.

    Warm Regards,


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