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    Did you have a manged or natural third stage of labour?

    The first stage of labour is the time that the cervix is dilating to 10cm. After this comes the pushing stage which is known as the second stage of labour. It is during the third stage of labour that the placenta leaves the body.

    Women can either have a natural or an actively managed third stage of labour. In the natural process, after the baby is born you wait for the placenta to come naturally with further contractions. In the actively managed stage an injection is given (of oxytocin) and this causes a big contraction which helps the placenta to come out quicker.

    The injection can make women feel sick or dizzy. However, with a natural third stage there can be more blood loss.

    What method did you choose and why?

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    Following on from this, here is a link to a 'midwife thinking' post written by a midwife who thinks an actively managed third phase is best for most women.

    On the other side, here is an article by Dr. Sarah Buckley on: Leaving Well Alone: a natural approach to the third stage of labour.

    I look forward to hearing your views on this.

    Warm wishes,

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