My daughter seems to be experiencing a major case of separation anxiety, or something similar, and I have no idea what to do about it. She is about to be 15 months old, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and generally a happy baby. However, she cries profusely if I leave her with anyone, even my husband, even to go to to the bathroom. She also cries when strangers say "hi" to her when we are out and about. She does not want anyone but me to hold her and generally will not let anyone but me console her when she is upset.

My husband and I are both home a lot, he is a student and we both work from home. She has always been very attached to me, hence the breastfeeding, but suddenly she is only interested in me. She is breastfeeding as frequently as she did during early infancy and she wants to be held near-constantly.

My other children were not nearly this clingy and they were all very fond of my husband, their grandmother and other caregivers. I love that my baby loves me so much, do not get me wrong, but her father is hurt by her lack of interest in him and I do need a little break every now and again. I cannot even take a shower as it is right now.