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    Is it normal that a baby is banging his head in the wall?

    Hi I am jenet. My sister visits us occasionally with her two children. I was troubled by one of my niece which is a 14 months olds baby because he is banging his head in the wall and he enjoys it. Is it right, normal or anything.. I dont know how to ask it.. I am really troubled about it! Is there anything that can help to prevent him from doing such action??

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    Hi Jenet,

    It's not normal for a 14 month old to bang his head against the wall. I will say that it probably makes him feel good, and that's why he's doing it, but I think it could be an indication that something needs to be corrected.

    When my 2nd child was 13 months old, I noticed him hitting his head against the wall one day. I had recently read about children who do this and that CranioSacral therapy could help. My son was one that never fell asleep at the breast and had to sleep in his swing (even at night). He simply couldn't relax. I took him to the paediatrician and the doctor said he was fine. But I knew something wasn't right. So as soon as I read that CranioSacral Therapy might be able to help him, I got on the phone and started calling around, asking for referrals.

    I found a wonderful CranioSacral Osteopath who specialized in infants. My husband and I drove quite a distance to see her because we knew we had to figure out why our son couldn't fall asleep without being in the swing and why he liked to bang his head against the wall.

    During his first treatment, he literally relaxed to the point where he almost fell asleep (or maybe he did fall asleep). It was a first. We took him back for a number of other treatments but after the 2nd one he actually fell asleep on the floor, next to me, while he was nursing. Again, this is a baby who never fell asleep at the breast, not even when he was a newborn.

    Well, come to find out, my son had a headache from the day he was born, and he couldn't tell me. In fact, life to him was probably full of dull pain all the time. He simply never knew anything different. There are plates in the head that should all have good movement. With my son, two of the plates had very little movement, and one plate had no movement at all. Had we not corrected this when we did, he would most likely have struggled with migraines as he grew up and into his adulthood.

    Here's a little excerpt from a good book called Working Wonders: Changing Lives with CranioSacral Therapy Read the first paragraph where it talks about a child who banged his head against the wall.

    And here's a video that shows what a treatment looks like. It is very gentle. Pay particular attention to where her right hand is. It's under baby's head and she's actually very gently moving membranes and bones in the baby's head. Also, even though the left hand looks like she's just keeping baby from rolling over, she's actually treating with that hand as well.

    Our 3rd son had a treatment just before he was released from the hospital after his open heart surgery at 2 months of age. When the therapist came in to treat him, the nurses had not idea that our child was even getting a treatment. She just looked like she was holding him on the table in much the same way as it looks in this video. Our son did exceptionally well with his recovery.

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    Hi Kate,

    I have read your reply to my post and watch the video. It was a relief knowing the information. I will inform my sister regarding the CranioSacral therapy and the video as soon as possible. Thanks!!

    Warm Regards,

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    Hello Jenet and Kate,

    I'm very lucky to find this thread as my 15month old son is also banging his head. He loves to do it in anywhere he wanted - in the door, floor or wall. I started wondering why and how he learned to do it, as no one taught him. He really enjoyed banging his head maybe because of the 'sound' he heard. Sometimes he enjoyed doing it if there's a loud music or if he's dancing. I also noticed him banging his head if I say "NO" in anything bad he was doing. Your response Kate to Jenet is also helpful in my case

    Thank you so much to your post.

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    Hi Ays,

    My guess is that the "banging of the head" really does feel "good" to your son because it is offering relief from something. Could be offering relief from over-stimulation (in the case of loud music) or to reduce stress (in the case of you saying "no" which immediately causes a level of stress in the body if he doesn't want to stop what he's doing). Loud music and being told "no" are normally tolerated well by children, though I would definitely limit any exposure to loud music for all people (children and adults). The human body functions better when it's in a state of relaxation because food is digested better which means the body is able to use the nutrients from the food more efficiently.

    I would definitely have your son evaluated by a Chiropractor or Osteopath or other practitioner who works with aligning the structural system of the body. You want to be sure your son doesn't have a head-ache that may eventually turn into migraines.

    Warm Regards,


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